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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 9, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EST

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>> a long day in court for the mayor. on the first day of her trial. why jury selection could be the deciding factor. >> the scramble to try to stop tomorrow's execution of schneider joe mohammed. one option the lawyers have left. >> we therefore openly denounce the statements of mr. anwar al awlaki. >> a new twist in the fort hood shooting case. why a mosque in north virginia is on the defensive tonight. >> warm today. but ups and downs with the temperatures this week. and tell you when rain is entering the picture in the sky watch forecast. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in balt mo more. this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> after an investigation lasting four years, the case
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against the mayor of baltimore begins. with 12 hours in court. >> dozens of jurors are questioned as the mayor stands accused of stealing gift cards intended for the needy. >> tonight, her legal fate. her political life. at a crossroads. as mayor sheila dixon goes on trial. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. it was a long day for the mayor. left the courthouse east in downtown baltimore around 7:00 tonight. >> appeared confident at the beginning of the day. but that seemed to change a bit when jury selection finally got underway. crime and justice reporter joy lepola has more on day one of the mayor's trial. >> it was when the mayor and jury were face-to-face for the first time that the mayor actually started to show some signs of nervousness. she started to rub her hands together. and her facial expression changed drastically. it was almost as if reality had set in. at that exact moment. keep in mind, these are the men and women that may very well
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decide the mayor's fate. and as judge sweeney put it earlier. finding a jury in this case, is going to be a real challenge. >> mayor sheila dixon's first day in court lasted nearly 12 hours. much of which was spent on her feet listening to jurors answer questions. >> if i am a prosecutor, i want jurors that will be highly educated. and analytical. looking at the evidence. if i am a defense lawyer, i want people that can identify with my client. >> this marks the beginning of a trial that stems from a four year investigation into city hall corruption. >> i think, this is one of the most important trials in our city. >> jurors started the day filling out a two page questionnaire about background, this case, and the defendant in it. across the street, mayor sheila dixon was pleading not guilty to stealing gift cards. intended for needy families in the city. cards donated by two developers. one of which is the mayor's
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former boyfriend ronald lipscomb. >> what you are trying to do is eliminate anyone that appears to have a prejudice or bias one way or the other. >> in the first group of jurors, out of 137, 21 said they could not be fair or impartial as a result of media coverage. >> the same number of jurors raised their hand when asked if they were victims of theft or ever charged with theft. >> as the questions continued, two blocks from the courthouse in city hall, it was business as usual. >> throughout the whole investigation and indictment, we have always said the mayor is focused on the city. >> attorneys are meanwhile staying focused on finding a jury. >> now, one group of jurors has been told to return tomorrow morning. and as the jury selection continues in the trial of mayor sheila dixon. as far as motions go, they won't be addressed until a jury is seated. in downtown baltimore, joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00.
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>> and later on the news at 10:00, jury selection is the very matick lar process. legal analyst steve allen tells us the kind of juror each side is looking for, coming up in 30 minutes on fox 45 news at 10:00. >>the investigation into corruption at city hall began almost four years ago. sheila dixon was city council president then. and the crowd of the corruption probe has hung over her ever since she became mayor of baltimore. >> prosecutors set their sites on city hall beginning in 2006 looking for political corruption. at first, sheila dixon came under scrutiny for approving questionable contracts and deals that may have benefited friends and relatives. dixon maintained she had done nothing wrong. >> psalm 27. this is what i live by. i have been conducting myself in the best way that i can as city council president for the city of baltimore. and i will continue to keep my head up. >> dixon was cleared of ethics
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charges. about but the probe continued as she became mayor. agents raided dixon's home last year. the investigation shifting focus into her relationship with developer ronald alipscomb. and whether she lied about lavish gifts she received from him all while voting on his development deals. >> i run a very honest government. and i try to put things as transparent and be as upfront as possible. >> dixon was indicted this year on on perjury charges related to the lipscomb gifts. and theft charges related to gift cards that were supposed to go to poor families, but prosecutors say dixon used herself. in june, ronald lipscomb pleaded guilty to a campaign finance violation, related to city council woman helen holton. and he agreed to cooperate in the continued investigation of sheila dixon. he could be a key figure in the mayor's trial. dixon meanwhile, still vowing to run the city, while fighting to
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prove her innocense. >> a lot of truth will come out. that's all i have to say on that. >> sheila dixon also faces a separate trial on perjury charges. that trial date was set today for march 1st. >> that brings us to the question of the day. can mayor sheila dixon maintain her reputation after the trial is over? so far 22 percent say yes. 78 percent say no. nat from reisterstown writes, if it is a favorable verdict for her, she will be fine. but michelle said on facebook, her reputation is already ruined. go to and tell us what you think. sound off on our website and on facebook, send us at tweet @foxbaltimore. and text your answer to 45203. enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. and hear more responses coming up tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. and you can read a lot more, about mayor sheila dixon's trial, go to and click on the icon at the top of the page. >> in other news tonight.
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time is running out for john allen muhammad. master mind behind the dc sniper attacks seven years ago. >> set to die tomorrow night by lethal injection. we are live where the execution is about to take place. >> john allen mohammed is here tonight. and the supreme court refused to block the execution. leaving very few options for the man that once terrorized the dc area. >> lock the doors. lock the doors. >> where is the person that shot her. >> it was october of 2002, when the snippers the went on a rampage cutting a trail through maryland and virginia, killing 10 people in 23 days. >> the guy is dead. he is laying on the car. there is a white van went by with two guys in it. >> snippers fired from the trunk of a vehicle and left behind notes taunting police.
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john allen mohammed arrested along with the accomplice malvo, he pleaded guilty and sentenced to life in prison. but muhammad stood trial and convicted of the murder of dean myers, vietnam veteran shot in the head at a gas station. and he was sentenced to death. >> there might be worse people out there. i would hope as of our decision, maybe, there is a few less. >> after the trial, muhammad defense team took aim. >> what is more unseemingly is the attorney of the united states saying we're going to virginia where mr. muhammad will be child. >> the vic are tim's family never demanded death for him but asked for prayers. >> we do not intend to be beaten by this. we do not hold hatred for anyone. we despise the actions taken. but the perpetrators were human beings just like ourselves. >> jeff abell, fox 45 news.
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>> well muhammad is set to die here in virginia at 9:00 tomorrow night. his last hope is with the governor of virginia, who is not expected to grant him clemency. we're live in southern virginia tonight. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> all right. jeff. families of the victims will be there for the execution. but his ex-wife will not. she said john flipped the switch apparently after his time in operation desert storm. and said john raged war on her psychologically and emotionally when she filed for divorce. >> i knew he was going to kill me. and i was fearful for my life. but i never ever thought that he would go to this length. never. ever. it still bog gels my mind. >> muhammad snuck his children out of the country for 18 months and mildred went into hiding. when the children were found she brought them to the state of maryland hoping john would never find them. shortly after that, the sniper rampage began. >> and stay with fox 45 news for
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complete coverage of the scheduled execution of john allen muhammad. live reports from the crew in the state of virginia on fox 45 news. >> recent alumni from a baltimore hi high school are grieving tonight. popular student that graduated from mount st. joseph in may died at college. kathleen cairns joins us live from southwest baltimore. kathleen, what happened? >> jennifer, john evans died at vmi on saturday. he was -- it happened after a required workout at the school. he used to play football last fall. playing football here at mount st. joe. and tonight his former classmates here are mourning. >> 19-year-old john alexander evans was in the first year at virginia military institute. he was an international studies major. and member of the marine rotc program. vmi's website shares video of some of the regular routines followed by cadets. vmi spokesman bub mcguinness
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tells us tonight, evans participated in a 10-mile march on saturday. along with 400 of his fellow cadets. mcguinness said they were provided water breaks. and explains the march was part of the preparation for a 23-mile march slated for the end of the month. 30 minutes after finishing, evans collapsed in his barrackss room. fellow cadets said evans shows no sign of trouble during the workout saturday. school officials say they are reviewing training procedures to see if any adjustments need to be made. evans's death has stunned the howard county neighborhood of highland where evans grew up. and it is also shocked the mount st. joe community where evans was described as a smart and popular student. as well as a good friend. >> tonight school officials tell us it may take a week to get autopsy results. meanwhile funeral arrangements are being made. it looks like the funeral will
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be in howard county next saturday. live in southwest baltimore. kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> turning to the weather now. it was another warm november day. >> how long does this nice weather last? go to chief meteorologist vytas reid with the sky watch weather forecast. we have been on a roll. >> it was fabulous. clouds worked in the afternoon. but for the most part, sunshine and mild temperatures through the morning hours. now the clouds have moved in. no rain to talk about. hd radar shows relatively dry conditions for us right now. some folks that are effected by worse conditions, of course is down south. where we actually have a tropical storm that is making landfall. and it is making landfall down there around pensacola and down toward mobile alabama. heavy amounts of rainfall. and strong winds that they will deal with tonight. so looking at tropical storm ida. and the question is how it effects us in the next 24 to 36 hours. show you that in a minute. but first the temperatures, holding at 58 in baltimore. 57 in d.c. 60 in hagerstown.
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and cooling temperatures will be heading our way. temperatures at 49 degrees by tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy skies. mostly cloudy in the afternoon. temperatures around 63 degrees. and i will show you a little cool down, when the rain gets here and then a better weekend ahead coming up in the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> okay vytas a. you can track ida with the hurricane tracker, available at just use fox 45 news doppler radar to track the storms. go to >> each side knows or has a sense of who they want. >> who would have quit mayor sheila dixon? who would convict her? >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. the kind of juror each side is looking for. >> major malik nadal hasan his connection to this mosque and the possibly 9/11 hijackers. the possibly 9/11 hijackers. >> and
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>> first on fox tonight. a man that was a candidate for annapolis city council in last week's election said he was a victim of a hate crime. >> tonight it is falling on city leaders to take action. melinda roeder is live from annapolis with new developments in the case. melinda? >> while the controversy stems from a political flier distributed days before the election. it includes some racist remarks, and some shocking comments about a candidate that is gay. he lost the election. but the animosity lingers. >> the statements that were included in that flyer, i thought to myself -- about myself were horrific. >> scott bowling is upset about personal attacks he believed had an impact on the election. a flyer that depicts him as a pedophile and a danger to the
10:17 pm
city because he is white. it was allegedly distributed by a group called "friends and supporters of black annapolis" a group in support of his opponent, alder woman classy hoyle that said she had nothing to do with the flyer and doesn't know who is responsible for it. >> i have no idea. in fact, we have been trying to find an original flyer. and no one seems to be able to find an original flyer. >> hoyle said she believes it may have even been bowling's supporters that created it. still tonight she introduced a resolution condemning it. >> it is calling for an investigation. and i will certainly support an investigation and prosecution. >> but bowling believes hoyle should have addressed the matter before the election. >> it is too little too late. and quite frankly, it is insulting. >> now, at tonight's council meeting scott bowling announced he has written letters to the u.s. attorney and also the state attorney general, asking them to
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investigate the flyer as a hate crime. also a reward is now being offered for anyone with information about anyone that would have created or circulated the flyers. live in annapolis, melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> two latino organizations are suing the frederick county sheriff's office. casa maryland and civil rights organization filing $1 million lat lawsuit for filing the rights of a salvadoran i am be grant about questioning her about her status. two officers arrested her after the investigation. and groups claim only the local police can question about status after they have been arrested for other offenses. >> sheriff's say the lawsuit omits facts from the case. >> the woman that died in a house fire in reisterstown over be the weekend was a elementary school crossing guard. always man died saturday on her home. investigators ruled the fire an accident. it was caused by flammable items
10:19 pm
left on top of the stove. always man worked for 31 years as a crossing guard at timber grove elementary school. >> the gunman accused of killing 13 people at fort hood texas last week is awake and talking this evening. malik nadal hasan is under heavy guard at a military hospital. he began to talk to doctors today. investigators say they believe he acted alone without any outside direction. also investigators say hasan will be charged in a military court. hasan is receiving praise tonight from a e mom at a virginia mosque. john rydell reports are there may be ties to some of the 9/11 hijackers. >> outside of the dar al-hijrah islamic center, there is plenty of unwanted media attention from around the world. leaders are fielding questions about major malik nadal hasan. the man accused of killing 13 people at fort hood in texas. hasan once a member here, as were two of the 9/11 hijackers.
10:20 pm
>> while accepting the fact that major malik nadal hasan practiced the islamic faith, we offer no justification for his ungodly and heinous cowardly act of violence. >> anwar al awlaki is the spiritual leader here during the september 11th attacks on america. anwar al awlaki who has been investigated for ties to terrorism is calling major malik nadal hasan a hero and he writes on his website american muslims that condemn the attacks are hypocrites that have committed treason. >> we openly denounce the statements of mr. anwar al awlaki. >> anwar al awlaki now lives in yemen and leaders here you say his statements are a departure from his demeanor years ago. >> to go from that individual, to the person that now is projecting these words from yemen is a shock. >> meantime law enforcement officials tell the associated
10:21 pm
press the fbi will likely investigate whether major hasan had been any ties to the 9/11 hijackers. >> despite the publicity, leaders of the mosque are hoping that the members here will not be judged by the actions of a former leader and member. >> in falls church virginia. john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hasan shot and wounded in the attack remains in a army hospital in san antonio, texas. but has not been formally charged as of yet. >> you can see the complete interview with the e mom on our website. go to news. >> and, of course, as always, stay with us for the latest into the shooting at fort hood texas. >> camden yards will turn into a h1n1 vaccine clinic tomorrow from 10 to four. the public can come to oriole park to get the swine flu vaccine. seasonal flu shot will be given out as well. all on the sixth floor of the warehouse.
10:22 pm
shots are given out on first-come-first-serve basis. and priority groups like young children and pregnant women will be given the vaccine first. >> you can see all of our stories on the h1n1 outbreak on just click on the h1n1 virus icon. >> the health care reform bill barely got out of the u.s. house last weekend but it got a lot of support from he maryland's delegation. kratovil was among those voting against it. bartlett voted against the bill. and all other maryland representatives, all democrats voted in favor of the bill. elijah cummings, and rupers burger and hoyer and edwards and van hollen all voted yes. >> it is now up to the senate to determine the fate of the health care reform bill. it will be a tougher fight there. republicans are promising a filibuster already. and key lawmakers like independent senator lieberman of connecticut do not support the
10:23 pm
current plan. >> if the public option plan is in there, as a matter of conscience. i would not allow the bill to come to a final vote. >> republican senator gram declared the health bill dead on arrival. but senator durbin expects the debate to begin by thanksgiving. meantime questions this evening about the fast-track of the u.s. house measure. keith daniels now has more on how quickly health reform made it to a vote. keith? >> jeff, legislation that almost 20 percent of the country's economy and could forever change the face of health care. but for such is a large bill. it got very little time on the floor. >> the bill is passed. >> sweeping health care reform legislation swept through the house at break neck speed. the final vote coming at 11:00, saturday night. >> they did not have a chance to really debate this last night. you are doing it at 11:00 on a as a saturday night. >> the debate stretched on for
10:24 pm
months on. the republicans had plenty of advanced notice. this is not a government take over of health care. >> it is very much a takeover. >> 1990 pages of legislation. rolled out thursday october 29. nine days later, the final vote. in order to get the through the entire bill lawmakers would have needed to read 221 pages every day. a goal maryland delegate pat mcdonogh said is unrealistic. >> i am a speed reader, i feed fast. and i cannot do it. if you tried to do it, it is all you would do. you would not do your job or anything else. >> bill was debated for 12 hours. and almost 2000 pages. 166 pages debated per hour. almost three pages debated per minute. >> when you have the bill decided in 12 hours, and when you have it decided in the dead of night. this is really nothing short of rhetorical stretch ree. misleading the very people you represent. and, i think, it is a bad way to
10:25 pm
governor. >> but delegate anderson said the criticism may not be fair. since the bill was largely the same legislation that has been debated owe of the chamber for months. >> let's say you did have to read all 2000 pages in 9 or 10 days. what you would do is allocate that amongst a trusted colleagues. you would grab 3 or 4 congressmen you are close to. and say you take this section is, this section, you take this section and we will become experts on our sections. >> still for critics that's not the answer. >> they say we don't care what you want. we only care what nancy pelosi and president obama wants and that's it. >> well, the entire bill takes 4-reams of paper. if you would like to read it, go to links. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> republicans are accusing the democrats of using fuzzy math in the house health care plan. the washington times is working on a story about how the cost of
10:26 pm
the plan could be a lot more than the current price tag. >> there are dozens of programs that are not costed out. meaning there is no specific amount of money put in the legislation for them. and the result will likely be that 1000000000000 or so, over 10 years, will be a low estimate. >> also in the times. why one medical group is warning against complacent see in the battle against swine flu. and the reasons behind the skyrocketing price of gog gold. for these stories go to and click on the washington times icon. >> tell lawmakers about what you think about health care reform. their contact information can be found on our website. just go to voice. >> and for the very latest information on the battle over health care reform. you can go to our website this time click on the cure for health care logo. >> may have to say goodbye to
10:27 pm
the warm temperatures for awhile. tell you when they will be coming back in the sky watch forecast. >> each side knows or has a sense of who they want. >> jurors for the prosecution, jurors for the defense. in 15 minutes find out the kind of person that will help either side in mayor sheila dixon's trial. >> we really don't have any oversight. >> but next, baltimore city without an inspector general. why the position has been empty for more than one
10:28 pm
10:29 pm
>> a cloud hanging over city hall this evening as mayor sheila dixon's trial is now underway. >> the trial centers around
10:30 pm
corruption. but the one position that is supposed to investigate that in the city. remains vacant. >> in tonight's cover story now. we investigate inspector for hire. >> inside city hall, sits a small office with one hefty job. and now, one very large vacancy. >> we really don't have any oversight. >> baltimore city has been without the top watchdog, inspector general, since last june when hilton green suddenly resigned from the $127,000 a year job. >> the regular employees investigators and others support staff in the office have continued to do their normal responsibilities. >> green's departure came after strong criticism and controversy over job performance including this annual report delivered 18 months later than anticipated when. >> when we had a inspector general i don't think there was someone watching over the city or city taxpayers. and right now there is absolutely no one. >> as the national search
10:31 pm
continues for green's potential redisplacement needs to be an indagency. >> so does talk about the process. conducted by the city's human resources department. not an independent eye as some had hoped. >> we included at my is a private z along with the city employee. >> i think it should be a group, you know, possibly a panel of non-profit leaders or other leaders in the city not connected to the government. >> following green's departure solicitor husky was appointed to fill the vacancy while the search is underway. >> clear conflict of interest to have the solicitor acting as interim. >> that decision to appoint husky as government watchdog is coming under heavy criticism, especially as mayor sheila dixon the top politician in the city is facing theft charges in court. >> i have a lot of respect for mr. husky but i believe it needs to be someone independent of the
10:32 pm
law department to watch the house. >> the city solicitor is charged with representing city government. not over -- not basically holding city government agencies accountable. >> we have great staff that run that department. and donald husky is acting in the acting capacity is overseeing that process. >> george nilson is baltimore city solicitor. >> one thing he doesn't say is no you cannot do it. >> under the terms of a executive order signed into law by the mayor. is a part of the law department. and nelson insists a cozy relationship between the two offices does not exist. >> we don't prevent them or restrain them from conducting an investigation within their, the scope of their, turf. >> with green's departure can comes one less set of eyes watching and investigating. >> you don't staff something like that, you will never see results. >> concerning for critics.
10:33 pm
especially in an office of four employees. compare that to washington d.c.'s ig office. which roughly has 120 employees. >> the office is functioned, i would say, close to normally. we would love to have the inspector general in place. but our view is that we would rather get it right than done overnight. >> until it proves otherwise, it has not shown itself to be a watchdog for the taxpayers of baltimore city. >> it is an office searching for a new leader and fighting for a new image during a time of uncertainty inside of baltimore city hall. >> baltimore solicitor said the city is getting ever so closer to making a hire for inspector general. >> next on fox 45 news at 10:00. recall of a million strollers, how they could seriously injure your child. >> and in that moment, i knew the ddr was over. it was gone. >> celebrations on the 20th
10:34 pm
anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. hear from someone that was there, the day it happened. when fox 45 news at 10:00 continues.
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>> good evening folks. looking at a decent day out there today around baltimore.
10:37 pm
temperatures feeling good. lower 70s. but we saw the clouds work the way in. and we are seeing mostly cloudy skies through the overnight. but no rain and wind. kind of like what they are getting in the gulf of mexico. looking at tropical storm ida. winds at 63 miles per hour. pressure is at 997 millibars and this is an active storm that the other night was a category 2 storm out in the gulf. so late season hurricane, now tropical storm making landfall down there towards mobile alabama. also new orleans getting wraparound action and over toward pensacola florida. getting several inches, six to 10 in some areas. and the track of the storm will take it and make a right turn here over the peninsula of florida. southern portions of alabama also georgia get ini inundated with rain over the next couple of days. atlanta heavy rain. we have a cold front that will continue to suppress the storm to the south. so it will be hard pressed to
10:38 pm
track to the north as we go over the next couple of days. but quite interesting to see the storm in the making for the on folks in the south. back at home. nice conditions. hd skycam. shows mostly cloudy skies. cloudy skies, temperatures at 54. winds are calm and our humidity levels at 77 percent. temperatures across the region. not too bad. sitting in the lower to mid 50s. 58 degrees in baltimore right now. 56 in richmond. back towards pitberg 55. 60 in new york city. and so after a nice mild day, we're still trying to hold onto some of the mild air. but changes are coming as the cold front moves in from the northwest. and ahead of the cold front we saw the warmer temperatures coming up out of the south. and cold front will continue to move in, rain showers moving in behind that. and so it looks like bell see a slight chance for shower activity working the way into the forecast. especially as we get toward wednesday with a chance for the rain to move across the state. as far as the future scan. timing this out here. mostly cloudy skies for the next day or so.
10:39 pm
but then there will be hope getting into the weekend. but slight chance for rain comes up from the south. and when the front pushes through. as we get the northern fringe of some of that precipitation associated with ida. but i think most of the activity should stay over virginia and south of us. but as the front pushes through, we could get increased chance for rain. but as you can see, wednesday, late, in the afternoon, and evening. and we will see clearing as the front pushes to the east. and probably sunshine back in the forecast. eastern shore, forecast tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies. 62 around the central portion of the state. mostly cloudy and temperatures topping out around 65. and then the western portion of the state. looking at 64 degrees. with mostly cloudy skies. again, the storm continues to make landfall. low over florida front stays to the south. dry conditions behind it. and high pressure settles in and nice weekend ahead. tomorrow, 65 downtown. and five-day forecast. shows the showers on wednesday. only 30 percent chance on veteran's day.
10:40 pm
thursday, plenty of sunshine. 56 degrees. we get back in the 60s on friday and saturday. and with plenty of sunshine. fox 45 news sky watch weather is at your finger timms. i-radar is available at you can use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track storms. interactive tool lets you see when rain or snow is over your house. go to >> major celebrations across the country of germany last weekend. marking the 20th anniversary, hard to believe, of the fall of the berlin wall. so much emotion and memories, as you can well understand. stephan climbed on above of the wall and looked down at the east german soldiers. >> rolled out and started to spray us with water and it was freezing cold but we stood there. and after 10 seconds or something, there was a hole in
10:41 pm
the hose and the water was going like this. and in that moment i knew that the ddr was over. it was gone. >> he spent the rest of the evening hoisting people to the other side of west germany. and then played a major role taking the wall down. >> well about a million strollers are being recalled after a dozen children get seriously hurt. nine models of the single and double umbrella mcchildren strollers recalled. there have been 12 reports of children have their fingertips amputated by a hinge. the company is offering free repair kits to fix the problem. for more information on the recall. log onto links. >> the keys to jury selection, next on fox 45 news at 10:00. our legal expert tells us the kind of jurors that can help out the prosecution, and the kind of j
10:42 pm
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10:44 pm
>> all right. back to the top story tonight. day one of mayor sheila dixon's trial. here is a closer look at the charges she is facing two counts of felony theft with gift cards worth $500. each count carries five years in prison. and $25,000 fine. faces one count of theft of gift cards. valued at less than $500. that carries a possible 18
10:45 pm
months in prison. and a $500 fine. three counts of fraudulent misappropriation, each of the counts carries a possible five years behind bars and faces one count of misconduct in office. >> joining us now is our legal analyst steve allen with his take on everything that happened today. thank you for coming in. >> good evening jeff. >> we have mayor sheila dixon obviously a great politician. she is taken polls, know who the people are that vote for her. when it comes to jury selection what is the prosecution looking for and what's the best juror for the defense and mayor sheila dixon? >> well, the prostitution is looking for a educated, preferably white male from guilford oro landmark. someone that analyzes the evidence and not look to issues like who is the mayor, what is her character. is she someone likely to commit a crime. >> the mayor's people on the other hand are looking for people that will identify with the mayor. perfect juror is 45, to 60. and african american woman,
10:46 pm
someone that goes to church. who has children. and who lives in the city for a number of years. and who is likes the mayor. now, they have the benefit of a lot of polling data from the last mayoral election, so they know who the people are from which neighborhoods and where every juror is from. which neighborhoods are her best supporters and that's what they are looking for. >> obviously you are familiar with the juror selection process. how did things play out today? >> today what they are doing is whittleing through the process to try to get people that are not predisposed to get a particular direction. looking for people with possible bias and prejudice. now, today is very important because each side knows or has a sense of who they want. when there is a potential juror up there that doesn't meet their profile, they are going to try to develop information about that juror, to make them -- disqualify them from potential service. they only get four pre-empt torry challenges which are
10:47 pm
striking for any reason or no reason. so one of the ways you structure a jury is by asking people at the bench, who you don't think are jurors you want, information that would show a bias or prejudice, so you can strike them for cause. >> should be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. thank you, steve allen for joining us. legal analyst. and stay tune to fox 45 news for news, for continuing coverage of mayor sheila dixon's trial. live coverage of course, on this trial, in all of fox 45's news casts. and you can see more on our website, just log onto >> after losing four of the last five games, where do the ravens go from hi.
10:48 pm
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